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ViaGlue is a proprietary and unique liposome fusion based reagent that rapidly installs bio-orthogonal groups onto a cells surface.

1. These groups can subsequently be used as in vitro and in vivo handles to tailor cell surfaces with a wide range of ligands, probes, small molecules and biomolecules for various cell based applications and therapeutics.

2. These groups can also act as cell surface molecular Velcro for the rapid and stable assembly of multiple cell type spheroids and tissues. The spheroids can be used for a range of autocrine and paracrine signaling studies and the assembled tissues may be used for drug screening, cell behavior, bioengineering and tissue engineering studies and applications.

The term bioorthogonal chemistry refers to a suite of covalent chemical ligation reactions that can occur inside of living systems without interfering with native biochemical processes. These powerful reactions are essentially invisible in a biological environment. The rapid installation of bio-orthogonal groups onto a cells surface via liposome fusion for applications in cell biology, imaging and bioengineering has been invented by Dr. Yousaf and colleagues.

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