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Cell Surface Labeling in Flow

Cell Surface Tailoring in Flow

Fast installation of a variety of molecules, ligands, proteins and probes on a broad range of cell types in microfluidic flow.

The fastest and easiest way to tailor the cell membrane.

Can perform simultaneous cargo delivery to interior of cell and cell surface labeling.

Schematic describing the microfluidic method to tailor cell surface membranes with a broad range of molecules, probes, ligands and proteins in flow.

Microfluidic Device and Reagent Partnership

OrganoLinX works collaboratively with industry partners to design and create multiplex microfluidic devices for tailoring cell surfaces for a broad range of cell types with a variety of molecules, probes, proteins and ligands.

Learn more about the process of creating custom microfluidic devices for engineering cell surfaces, or contact us for more information.