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About us

Company Profile

OrganoLinX is a life science reagent technology company based on the pioneering research from the laboratory of Professor Muhammad N. Yousaf. The Company offers novel cell based reagents and bioconjugation tools. OrganoLinX provides unique reagents to 1. Assemble cells fast and efficiently into spheroids or 3D tissues for a range of cell biology, bioengineering and medical applications (ViaGlue). 2. Transfect cells with nucleic acids based on a mild and efficient targeted bio-orthogonal process (SnapFect) and 3. Bioconjugation reagents to click and label molecules and proteins (Aydin Click Reagents).

OrganoLinX is located in Toronto, Canada.

Leadership Team

Muhammad N. Yousaf, PhD

Chief Executive Officer and Inventor

Muhammad is a Professor at York University with appointments in the Departments of Chemistry and Biology and is a world-renowned expert in surface chemistry, cell surface engineering, biomaterials, cell biology and chemical biology. His research combines synthetic chemistry, biomaterials and liposome biophysics to investigate the mechanisms of cell adhesion and migration and to discover new ways to manipulate cell behavior and to create new click chemistry bioconjugation methods. He has several patents on reagents and methods for cell assembly, transfection and bioconjugation molecules. Muhammad has over 100 publications and has received numerous awards including a Damon Runyon Fellowship Award, Burroughs Wellcome Interface Career Award, NSF Career Award and a NSERC Accelerator Award. Muhammad is a Toronto native and received his BSc (Hon) from York University and his PhD from the University of Chicago in chemistry and did a postdoctoral fellowship in the departments of Cell Biology and Systems Biology at Harvard University. Muhammad was also a senior fellow at the Institute of Chemistry and Cell Biology at Harvard Medical School. He was previously a faculty member in the departments of Chemistry and the Carolina Center for Genome Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a recent past Chair of the Chemistry Department at York University.

Milan Mrksich, PhD


Milan is the Henry Wade Rogers Professor at Northwestern University with appointments in the Departments of Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering, and Cell Biology and is a world-renowned pioneer in surface chemistry and biomaterials. His research combines synthetic chemistry with materials science to study important problems in cell biology. He develops biochips for a host of biological and biotechnological applications and develops mimics of the extracellular matrix for studies of cell adhesion and migration. He has patented several chip-based chemical technologies for rapidly screening biological molecules for active compounds. Five years ago, he founded Arsenal Medical Inc., a medical devices company that has a stent product in clinical trials. Technology Review magazine named him as a "100 Top Young Innovators" in 2002. He is a consultant for several companies and a founder of SAMDI Tech a high-throughput drug screening assay company. He has over 150 publications and has received numerous awards for his research including a NSF Career Award and an ACS Cope Scholar Award. Milan received his BSc at the University of Illinois (UC) and his PhD in chemistry from The California Institute of Technology and did a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University.